Why choose Trikona ?

We use our own tools and products for many of our services. Holography, Restoration, Colorization, 2D to 3D conversion, Digital Intermediate, off-line and on-line editing, Visual effects, 3D Holography, Augmented Reality.


Media Services

Versatile Layout

Colorization and Media Services provided by Trikona includes Film editing, Digital Intermediate, Visual effects, 2K finishing. 

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3D Holography

Multiple Module Styles

Trikona provides total Holography solution consisting of both hardware and software. 

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Our customers

Trikona has already provided 3D Holography services to Maruti Sizuki India for their Auto India show. CISCO for their Defence Exhibition. It has provided Holography display solutions for may International clients. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has a grater role to play in Education. AR was primarily used for promoting hi-end expensive gadgets and Automobiles. Trikona is planning to deploy it in education. 


Research & Development

Research and Development team of Trikona is contently working on new technologies involved in Image processing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Holography.Right now working on integrating gesture based technology to Holography and Augmented Reality.

Latest News

Trikona is setting up World's largest of its kind with a size of 96"x96"x96" in. and Asia's first 360 Degree 3D Holography unit in Hyderabad soon. There are proposals to set-up these kind of devices first pan India and later worldwide.

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