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Holographic flame at Shoureya Smarak, Bhopal.

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TDL: Trikona Digital Lab is a full-fledged very hi-end Digital Intermediate and Visual effects facility, which can provide best digital creative services to feature films. It has already provided unique services to some recently released successful International as well as domestic films. Trikona has developed some very high-end proprietary image processing professional tools to handle some of complex jobs involved in visual effects space. The VFX division has very hi-end workstations to design and develop any complex 3D models for entertainment as well as Industrial Designing. 

Trikona has one division specialized in 2D and 3D Graphics and animations. It will be generating lot of complex 2D and 3D models day in day out. It uses software like Autodesk-3D MAX, Autodesk-MAYA, Smith Micro-POSER, REALFLOW, VUE, ZBRUSH etc. For hardware support, it has number of very hi-end latest HP-Z series powerful workstations with large physical memory plus professional graphic cards and has terabytes of fibre channel backbone central storage. For more complex and complicated number crunching jobs Trikona also has an in-house render farm. 


When 2K and 4K hi-resolution imagery is generated any facility will struggle to ply them back critically in real time but, not Trikona. Trikona has Autodesk SMOKE and LUSTRE attached to dual 4GBPS fibre storage with AUTODESK STONE fibre channel storage. This facility can play back 2K and 4K files at 24frames per second in real time for accurate hi-res visualization. In one word, Trikona has a world class hardware facility to handle any kind of challenging 3D jobs. The latest addition to Trikona is the 3D Holographic hardware, which can be used in Malls, Retail, Exhibition, Airports where customer’s attention is required. We believe in: Technology is nothing without talent. 


Years of experience and lot of effort has gone into building the 3D team for Trikona. Today Trikona 3D graphics division has highly talented team of 3D designers, Visualizers, Graphic artists and Technicians. The division is headed by the CEO directly. He himself is a 3D graphic artist and visualizer. He designed and executed hundreds of 3D graphics and visual effects for media industry in the last 20 years.

The highly talented 3D team has executed many complex jobs and designed and sculpted many complex 3D models for various industries. Latest addition to Trikona is the 3D Holographic content generation team. This team is specialized in generating 3D content for various Holographic and 3D displays, Virtual reality displays, 3D Stereoscopic displays that includes Auto-stereoscopy (3D without grasses). This unit also have extensive knowledge of VRML1/2 and the latest x3d an XML based file format with multi-stage and multi-texture rendering abilities. Contact us for any other information.........

58% Recalled seeing 3D displays compared to 7% recalling 2D

3D Holography:


A unique 3D display units in 3 flavours, that gives you the opportunity of combining real products with free floating 3D animations or standalone 3D animations in real-time. Kona-90: A front only display device, which can be kept on table top ir can be embedded into wall or any furniture. Kona-270: A three side viewing unit which can be on a pedastal, table top or can be mounted on a wall. Kona-360: An all side vweing unit which can be mounted on a padestal. They can be used in almost every environment such as showrooms, receptions, exhibition stands or as a shop-in-shop display. We can produce the 3D animation, either you wants your logo floating inside it or you want to make a detailed presentation of your product in 3D, just to name a few.

The units we can make from 2 feet wide onwards to 15 meeters. Virtually unlimited number of options and opertunities are available.

The display is the best thing you have ever seen! You have the opportunity to integrate this into existing furniture or make your own display, designed exactly the way you want it. Send your wishes in 3D and we will turn the dreams into your own personal 3D display. 

Holography is the fundamental nature of co-creation, joining companies and customers together in an immersive communication experience that knocks into the emotional impulses of nowadays market.

It is a sensorial technology that wholly engages its viewers and can transform information systems into visual assets all to increase the pleasure and emotions of the viewers. We are a leading producer of holographic solutions that correspond to one of the most considerable jumps forward in visual communication 3D display technology existing at present.


3D Holographic units work equally well in conferences, exhibitions, concerts, retail installations, product launches, fashion shows, trade shows, launch events or permanent installations, theatre, educational hall, out-door advertising. Kona-3D units can adapt to a multiple of format project and situation, once the video is created, the required size unit is set on the customized pedestal the system is installed and you are ready to go to mesmarise audience.

Live and life-size 3D holograms can now interact with their inaccessible audiences whether they are CEO holding an interactive meeting with colleagues around the world, a politician delivering a keynote speech, a band performing on stage, show? special effects, multinational company presenting new products, university lectures and so on, it is a new way of communicating. All of this is possible only with Trikona Holography technology. But its uses go far beyond the boardroom or the political stage. Entertainment, education, design and engineering collaboration, product launches and more. If you want to use 3D motion video images, they appear impeccably beside you, not on a separate monitor. You can communicate in real time – no time lapses – with both on-stage colleagues and audiences.


Trade show can see a truck appearing in a stand. In a presentation, the product can appear, and exploit its mechanisms in details so to present in 3D the function of the product. It can be set on theatre, conference stage, can be install out door, in retail windows, point of purchase etc...  Contact us for any further information.........


Companies use to take years to complete one feature film for Restoration and Colorization. Trikona has changed the perception of Colorization process with its large creative artist’s team with the best technology available in the world. It has till date restored more than 23 full-length feature films in 2K and one film in 4K. It has Colorized 28 Films in HD and 2K and 20+ films in Standard Definition. 


Why Colorization ?

There is nothing called Black & White in nature, it is full of colors. Nature consisting of basic RGB to millions, billions and trillions of combination of colors and shades. Perhaps there is no man made medium which can really capture the true colors and shades of nature.

When photography started, it was only Black and White. Photography as a technology really amazed us, definitely not the black and white images it produced.

First film and then video we saw in black and white. Once both the mediums have become color then there is nobody interested to go back to black and white images.

Now, imagine all those black & white video recordings dating back to when motion picture recording was invented, till around the early to mid-1970s - the favorite Indian Classics, Television Shows, News and Documentaries, Music Video hits, and real footage from the big wars, and sporting events - just to name a few.

Now, imagine all those in fabulous, glorious, color! Fantasy? No it is no more…Read on...There is an immense potential entertainment value in re-producing popular monochromatic film stock and video, in real life-like color. Yet, there’s only a very rare selection that has undergone such a transformation [colorization].

The main deterrent to this has been a tremendous amount of effort required, in colorizing even a single image to ‘reality grade standards’; it could take up hours or even days’ worth of painstaking work by a photo-artist.

Multiply these thousands of times - that’s the magnitude of resources that were needed to color a video of just a few minutes. Even then, the resulting quality would often not be good enough to justify the amount of time, effort, and financial resources consumed in the process.

Why convert from black & white to color? Isn't that distorting the 'real-thing', the ‘classic look’, and the ‘originality’?

Are black & white recordings really all that 'original'?

Is that how the camera crew saw things back then?

Were the 'sets' made up in shades of gray?

Were those glorious dresses and scenes all in black & white?

How about the news and events of the time?

Did all those happen in Black & White as well?

Fact is, these 'originals' are not so original after all; rather, they are a reflection on the limitations of the technology that existed at that time. Surely, if the Directors, the Producers, and the Photographers of the day had had a choice, they would have opted to 'shoot' in color instead...

Let’s face it - color looks good. It enhances the presentation, and adds depth to an otherwise monochromatic scene. It highlights certain key characteristics and aspects of a scene, which would otherwise go unnoticed. But most importantly, it is the way nature intended for us to see things! 

Contact us for any further information.........


Augmented Reality (AR) is a variation of Virtual Environments (VE), or Virtual Reality as it is more commonly called. VE technologies completely immerse a user inside a synthetic environment. While immersed, the user cannot see the real world around him. In contrast, AR allows the user to see the real world, with virtual objects superimposed upon or composited with the real world. Therefore, AR supplements reality, rather than completely replacing it. Ideally, it would appear to the user that the virtual and real objects coexisted in the same space.

Augmented Reality enhances a user's perception of and interaction with the real world. The virtual objects display information that the user cannot directly detect with his own senses.

The information conveyed by the virtual objects helps a user perform real-world tasks. AR is a specific example of Intelligence Amplification (IA): using the computer as a tool to make a task easier for a human to perform.

It is being used as Wow! Factor marketing tool, education, medical visualization, maintenance and repair, annotation, robot path planning, entertainment, military aircraft navigation and targeting and in any area where some kind of 3D detailing is required. Right now it is being used extensively in Automobile industry for marketing and maintenance visualization.


AR software developed by Trikona is capable of reading/identifying the pre-defined templates/markers in proper lighting and tracks the markers and loads the defined virtual model on the marker position. It consisting of

  1. Marker identification algorithms
  2. Camera tracking algorithms
  3. Graphic engine algorithms for loading and displaying VR model
  4. Creation of 3D model, animation and convert into pre-rendered V R model. 

Augmented Reality has major role to play in many fields. Advertisements, Product promotion and lunches, especially it is going to revolutionize the teaching and learning. Trikona has already developed many sample applications for teaching and learning. For more information please contact us.......

Our 3D Holography customers

Trikona has executed may challenging assignments in 3D Holography for the below mentioned customers: (including supply of Hardware on lease/sale, training, content creation and exhibition/event support)
Maruti Suzuki India
Bharat Friz Warner
Directorate of Naval Design
Ministry of Electronics & Com.
Auto India Exhibition
Navy Day Exhibition
International Fleet Review 2016
Make In India 2016
Defexpo 2016
Shaurya smarak, Bhopal, MP.
Aero India 2017
Grey Hounds-Telangana

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has a grater role to play in Education. AR was primarily used for promoting hi-end expensive gadgets and Automobiles. Trikona is planning to deploy it in education.It has already developed application, which can be used for teaching alphabets to kinder-garden childern.  


Research & Development

Research and Development team of Trikona is contently working on new technologies involved in Image processing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Holography.Right now working on integrating gesture based technology to Holography and Augmented Reality.

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Trikona supplied KONA-360A to GTRE for Aero India 2017. It was installe in GTRE office, Bangalore.

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rikona has developed all the related AR algorithms required for AR applications 


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